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Improve your performance with Neurofeedback

Posted 2nd May 2023 by Kelly Pavan

The human brain is incredible - pathways have the ability to change and grow; we can essentially rewire our brains to function in ways that it wasn't able to perform before, such as developing the ability to pay attention and concentrate or to relax on command.

Neurofeedback Therapy or Training (NFT) is an evidence-based intervention that utilises this amazing ability. With a qualified allied health professional, such as a Psychologist or Occupational Therapist, NFT can be a safe treatment for children or adults with ADHD and sleep problems, with emerging research to support its application in other presentations such as trauma, depression and anxiety.

NFT rewards the brain for changing its patterns through a learning process, Electrodes placed in specific locations on the head allow us to monitor small and usually unperceivable brain activity, which is strengthened on an amplifier which can be viewed on a screen.

This tangible feedback helps the client to learn how this activity can be influenced. Research shows that three out of four people respond to a full neurofeedback program. It has also been found that improvements were continuing for those who respond to treatment, even six months after therapy sessions have finished.

"The idea is that once the brain has learned the new patterns, like riding a bike, we can access the desired behaviours at any time in the future, if it has been properly trained and retained," The Rosewood Centre General Manager, Kelly Pavan said.

"This positive outcome is why it usually takes 20-40 sessions, usually two per week, which I understand is a commitment. However, the benefits are well worth the investment - it can be life-changing."

NFT is suitable for anyone with sleep problems people who wish to lower or cease ADHD medications (under supervision of prescribing doctor), and those who would like to improve their performance - from elite athletes to executives and artists.

The Rosewood Centre are offering neurofeedback sessions in Taree, Maitland and Hamilton. Book now on 1800 613 155.

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