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Professional Supervision for Psychologists
We offer accredited Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Psychology Board Approved Supervisors to support professional development for psychologists, pathways to registration for provisional psychologists, and endorsement for clinical psychology registrars. Supervision for AHPRA is 4+2, 5+1 pathways to registration and clinical endorsement.

Professional Supervision is an opportunity for you to talk to someone from outside your organisation about work and the various factors that influence and impact you personally and professionally. It is different from counselling. Counselling explores deeper psychological factors to improve mental health. In contrast, professional supervision is when the ‘whole’ person is considered, and strategies are identified to provide support in a professional setting.

Whatever your profession and the nature of your work environment, professional supervision is a valuable service for helping you to enhance productivity in the workplace. If you feel you, or one of your colleagues, would benefit from professional supervision, contact us to tailor a package to suit your needs.

Professional Coaching has similarities to professional supervision in offering support to debrief, problem-solve, and learn new skills. However, professional coaching is more structured and goal-orientated. In these sessions, we aim to leverage your existing strengths to enable you to build more productive workplace relationships and achieve your desired career outcomes.