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Adoptions Counselling

Adoption profoundly touches the lives of all the people involved; birth parents, adopted child, adoptive parents, and extended relatives and friends. Our Adoptions Counselling Program is a Department of Communities and Justice fully-funded government service, providing a psychologist at no cost to you. Anyone who is considering the adoption of their child or been affected by adoption is eligible.

Our service also functions as a point of contact for birth parents considering adoption for their child, prospective adoptive families, and people affected by past adoption, including birth parents and adoptees.

Our broad range of services include:
  • pregnancy counselling and support for parents considering adoption as a possible option for their baby
  • information and referrals for prospective adoptive families regarding the adoption process, eligibility, and assessment
  • post-adoption information and referral, including access to information
  • education, training, and consultation to community groups, students, and other professionals
  • registered counselling as per the Adoption Act 2000.