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About our Services

The Rosewood Centre specialist team is here to support your mental health, through both face-to-face and online appointments.

We welcome people of all ages and stages of life, supporting children and young people, individuals, couples and families.

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Our dedicated team of psychologists provide flexibility in their appointments, offering both face-to-face or online, in Newcastle and eight locations across the Hunter and Manning regions. Anyone struggling with daily stress or major life events such as redundancy, separation, or other personal or family issues, can turn to us for support.

Clinical Assessments

We use gold standard assessment tools and processes to make a recommendation for a diagnosis, and formulate the most effective plan for supporting you.

Behaviour Support

Our Behaviour Support practitioners work collaboratively with families to understand challenging behaviours and develop individualised behaviour support plans.

Adoptions Counselling

This program is a fully-funded government service, providing free psychologist appointments to anyone who is considering or been affected by adoption.


Learn about how our expert team can help you build more productive workplace relationships, achieve your desired career outcomes and enhance your productivity.


Neurofeedback is a short-term treatment which research has shown supports the brain to learn new, beneficial patterns with long-lasting effects.

Our Fees

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) counselling therapy is charged at the recommended NDIS rate.

All other counselling sessions are charged at $185 to $227/hour (one session is usually an hour).

Some referral pathways such as Medicare, Family and Relationship Services (FARS), and Family Law Counselling (FLC) can significantly subsidise the session cost. Some might cover the cost of sessions completely, such as Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Carers NSW, and bushfire-funded counselling.

Please contact us for further information regarding fees.