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Therapy, Assessment and Behaviour Support Referral Form

We provide access to counselling and therapy by providing professional support from our clinicians who are trained in a number of evidence-based therapeutic interventions. The therapy is tailored to your needs with the aim to support you to move towards your goals and meet your full potential. Our team provide counselling for adults, children, young people, families, and couples via a range of referral pathways.

We also provide Clinical Assessments including cognitive/intelligence, autism and behavioural assessments which involvesa formal process of collecting information through observations, interviews, and evidence-based psychological tests. This process is used to determine where your strengths and areas for development lie, make a recommendation for a diagnosis and formulate the most effective plan for supporting you.

Our Behaviour Support Services generally include a comprehensive behavioural assessment and the development of a Behaviour Support plan (BSP). It may also include the development of a range of skills programs and the provision of training and support to carers or other staff.